The Final Note.

Hey all you ‘fly people’ out there, this will be my final entry for COM 101 this semester..

Funny how time flies and throughout these 2 months spent in school, I’ve learnt many abbreviations and hilarious jargons that bond people together.

I will just take a one liner to thank all the incoming comments,they really do make a difference! Thanks for the support! : )

From my introduction you may anticipate that I’m going to touch on the topic of Globalisation (& the Mass Media), remember how 2 D cartoons were in the past? Look what it has evolved into in the 21st century!

Morph this: (photos from google images)





When people mention globalisation, we think trade of goods and services [$$$$$ makes the world go round remember], and I feel that it has opened up a lot of commercial markets where advertisement of products have gone worldwide!

Thanks to New Communication Technologies [NTCs], we can have easy access to titles we want to watch anytime. Video on demand [VOD] has given us that avenue. You know how we’ve learnt that the US media products are dominating the media industry yes?  Agreeable, but I feel we shouldnt forget about the Japanese and Korean media products that take quite a large share in the Asian industry. Also, certain US game shows are Japanese-inspired such as Wipeout. The wonders of Globalisation.


Another trend I noticed, local shows aren’t as ‘successful’ or ‘influencial’ as compared to foreign shows. Take American Idol for instance, Kelly Clarkson, Fantasia Borrino, Kris Allen have all made it big. Our idols? Hmm. Is it because our audience are not as supportive?

On a personal level [ this is my first personal sharing by the way!], a hairdresser from Malaysia once told me, that Singaporean newspapers never give positive feedback about Malaysia, when something negative happens, they would report it. Could be he is pro-Malaysia since he was born there. But why such strong feelings against the Singaporean media industry? Could be a play on politics, I mean in Malaysia they do not allow more than 4 copies of The Straits Times in. [ Learnt in class] Any more than 4 is considered as an attempt to sell the papers on Malaysian grounds. So in our Asian Society, are we lacking alot in the media industry or our pace of improvement is just fine?

Cheers Everyone! For one last time!


8 Responses to “The Final Note.”

  1. Weiyu Says:

    Okay lah if you wanna see local people being supportive for local stuff and shows, it really has to be GOOD in the first place! Not some terrible rip-off of something entirely different elsewhere. Something original! Something of soley of our own for our own! Can’t expect many fans of Singapore idol when it’s so … SMALL and obviously an imitation of American Idol. Same name but different feel and show. Well that’s what i think anyway!

    • jaeyoo Says:

      remember we had Gotcha? compare that to Candid Camera or Just for laughs.. the effect is so different. the gags we use seemed to have pissed ppl off whereas the latter two shows were more comical?

      singapore idol.. sigh..

  2. emm Says:

    i gotta agree with WY! really has to be good, seems like it is all copies of the western world. and our audiences are definitely much smaller. besides, the western world is seen as ‘in a world of its own’ and a lot of things are being influenced from the west eg music. the dispute btwn singapore and malaysia, haiya, so retarded. both must irritate each other to death. LOL. our govt need to show its prowess, control everything so that it can control the people hahah.

    • jaeyoo Says:

      to some extent ur right emm..

      maybe thats the govt’s stategy of taking control of the ppl and that is probably one of our peace keeping factors..

      zee avi already made it big,when will be our turn to produce a good english singer/songwriter..

  3. Premier Chan Says:

    Globalisation has opened up the world to everybody. Not only those advertising or selling their goods but students, housewives and any man in the street. All you have to do is surf the internet and you can find anything you want to know or watch from the mundane to the outrageous. While in the past students had to go to the library and go through reference books, now they just type some key words and click on the search button. Housewives can order anything they want online. Hungry and need a bite? Just order online. Those marketing people are able to reach billions through IT. Globalisation has made news available to anybody who cares to know.

    Maybe local shows can be successful if they are original. If they borrow the same ideas from the Americans, Japanese or Koreans, you might as well not watch. What is so nice about a Singaporean or a Malaysian show imitating others? Phua Chu Kang is a good example of a show with original Singaporean concepts. It was the best in Singapore, JB and some say Batam island too !

    • jaeyoo Says:

      Like what weiyu said,originality is best.

      I agree.. I think PCK is the only series that hasn’t actually gotten on my nerves and I was religiously following every episode whilst growing up.

      Now they are gonna showcase PCK.SDN.BHD!

  4. jun Says:

    HAHAHA the asian society media are doing well actually. To be precise, it’s the singapore and msia media that are not doing that well. Firstly, the media needs to be less controlled over what is to be reported and what is not. Taking the news for example, do you see any negative feedbacks about the ruling party over the papers? NO. any negative feedbacks about the opposition party? TONS. Everything’s pro government and trying to please the government, this makes the viewers bored after sometime. And i agree with weiyu abt having good programmes. Taking the locally produced english dramas for example, they certainly NEED better plots, better props and actors with PROPER GOOD ENGLISH, not singlish.

    • jaeyoo Says:

      ditto jun.

      our plots esp for the english dramas are quite weak…

      i would say the mandrain ones are better..

      also, I think that if the actors could speak like Adrain Pang that’ll be SO GOOD!

      his tone is so natural and poise!

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