Whoops! Excuse My Spontaneity

NUS gradcon’t

nus grad 2You’re telling the court this isn’t your first time and you have issues with controlling your penial ejeculation, more so you tell her you’re sorry for rubbing your crouch on her, well excuse me sir! Talk to this hand because no lady is gonna buy that cover story.

I find it disturbingly ironic that the convicted ( Chong Weien) is a top NUS graduate of PSYCHOLOGY.

Wouldn’t he have learnt during the course of his study the different way and methods to having higher thresholds to certain elements we want to gain more control of? Such as pain for instance, if we get a cut and tell ourselves it doesn’t hurt,it will eventually hurt less. Same for him, if he could try to keep his fantasies under wraps a little more, he wouldn’t have gotten himself into trouble. Moreover, since he already had a similar conviction before, he should have some form of medication or counselling sessions right? Medication such as ‘hormone blockers,suppressants such as sedative drugs or tranquilizer drugs may be used, according to Dr Lim, a andrologist at the Urology & Continence Centre at Gleneagles Hospital.

Haptics, a form of non-verbal communication, a study of ‘touch’. Is there a possibility that Chong’s use of haptics could be misunderstood? Quite unlikely I’d say. One of the principals of non-verbal communication is that the latter is undervalued. However, in this case any person should value it more as solid evidence, evidence to prosecute the criminal and put him away for good till after a good successful round of rehab.

Okay, let’s look at the story from the victim’s point of view.

Outraged. Affected modesty. Emotional trauma.

It’ll probably take her awhile before she gets over this issue. Women and their emotions yes I know.

Don’t mind me for saying this but, physical appearance (also a form of non-verbal communication) could have played a part in this too. We somewhat tend to associate appearance with personality in society today, I mean come on, if the male was a Johnny Depp or Christian Bale or Andy Lau look-alike would she have reported the case? (Hey personally I would still report the case to the police okay!)



My take on this: Chong should be charged and be on some form of probation to monitor that there is improvement in his condition.


11 Responses to “Whoops! Excuse My Spontaneity”

  1. Premier Chan Says:

    Since Chong had known he had a medical problem, he should have seek medical assistance to minimise the “effect”. To say it was not premeditated is unbelievable as he wore shorts and took the trouble to hold a jacket at waist level. If his condition was so uncontrollable but he did not want to miss classes, he could have taken other precautions

    1. Wear pampers and baggy pants to avoid “accidents”.
    2. Walk back to the hostel or wherever he planned on going.
    3. Visit the rest-room and ejaculate there before boarding the bus.

    The mitigating factor forwarded by the defence that he was in his final year and a top student does not make his offence any less. He has responsibility for his own behaviour and if he continues using his medical condition as an excuse he will not change. He is a danger to society if he is not punished and treated. Other than the jail and caning, he should be compelled to be admitted to a hospital to have a complete evaluation and treatment if necessary.

    • jaeyoo Says:

      maybe the authorities should try making him wear sanitary pads as a form of punishment.

      though NUS is a pretty huge campus,walking may be a good form of exercise too and he could stay out of trouble too.

      i heard of a case where one male was actually ‘playing with himself’ AT THE PUBLIC BUS STOP IN BROAD DAY LIGHT!

      these ppl really ought to have a taste of law.
      and yes, using a ‘medical condition’ is a bad excuse in this case.

  2. mooncake Says:

    This goes to show that deviance is not defined by educational boundaries. One would expect an educated person like him to be more socially aware and control his impulses. However, this is already his second offence and he does not seem to show remorse over his actions.
    A minimal sentence without caning would serve no purpose as he is likely to carry on with his actions and it would not serve as a deterrent to future offenders. Sexual offenders should be punished harshly in order to protect the rights of individuals and receive constant monitoring and counselling upon their release.

    • jia Says:

      i agree with you mooncake. secual offenders should be severely punished esp those with a previous criminal record of the same type.

  3. xue ting Says:

    i was just talking to my colleagues about criminals and how they are being punished the other day.

    if we’d talk about this, i’m sure i would want him to be sentence to death. but i guess that’s too ridiculous ha.

    well, i agree with what premier chan said. the court should really find solutions to prevent him from ‘disturbing’ the public, instead of just punishing him. i believe that he deserves to be punished despite his conditions as this would only be fair to the victims.

    if not, i’m sure singapore wouldn’t be as safe as it is now.

    another possible reason why he is highly ‘energetic’ might be affected by his lifestyle and environment. as it was stated that he’s a top student in NUS, and knowing that Psychology isn’t an easy course, he might be overly stressed and unable to express it correctly.

    Schools like SMU gives their students many ways to express themselves, thus i feel that it’s a good way of releasing themselves.

    Schools should engage their students with Healthy activities in each faculty to allow students to release stress as well as to gain exposure. Especially for introverts like Chong. Please don’t get me wrong, that all introverts are “rapists” but i believe that all “rapists” are introverts. I’m sorry if i’d offended anyone, but i’m just expressing my personal thoughts here.

    • jaeyoo Says:

      how does SMU provide avenues for students to…. RELEASE themselves??
      you mean like stress outlets???

      yah i guess we could sort of relate ‘rapist’ to introvets. BUT there are extroverts who are excessively outgoing and one day goes wild and poof! commits a crime.
      like you know how come ppl can really express emotions but deep down inside they are insecure.

  4. situkwokhan Says:

    hmm… Indeed what an outrageous thing this Mr Chong did.

    However I believe something is wrong with his mentally. The issue is not about “shooting” on her, my take is why is he doing it despite he, himself, knows about his condition.

    There must be some major mental issues going on that causes him to react this way. I always believe that it takes two hands to clap and base on the evidence presented, I find it superficial and there are cracks in between.

    In the first place if a man would press his crotch against a women then why shouldn’t her just scream or move away. The evidence on the paper did not talk about the details before he “shot”.

    The saying goes it takes two hands to clap. Maybe the girl really turned him on and unleash the raging beast in him. Having said that I guess for him to control for 6 years is not an easy fleet thus i think we must give him some credit.

    • jaeyoo Says:

      The abbriviations used for this entry is quite hilarious..

      Hmm,you’re right. the article didnt give much details on the prelude of the event.

      could it be that the bus was crowded? usually nus shuttle buses are crowded.
      and yah she could have screamed or called for immediate help.

      6yrs with medical help could work though.

  5. jun Says:

    Not that i do not pity the victim, but i feel that shouldn’t she be more cautious and aware of her surroundings? I mean, she should have tried to move away the moment she felt chong standing too close to her. If she had been more aware, such a thing would not have happened to her and she wouldn’t have to go through all these trauma. On the other hand, since the accused claimed that he suffered from such disability, then he should have taken the initiative to prevent such cases from happening? It WASN’T UNCONTROLLABLE in my opinion, since he bothered to use a jacket to cover his crotch, he must have been aware of what’s happening and should have alighted the bus as soon as possible.
    On top of it all, it’s a repeated offence the court should not take it lightly, as mooncake has said, counselling and follow up actions are much needed to help people like Chong get back on the right track upon release. This not only serves as a form of help to the criminals but is also in the interests of the general public, in order to make the society safer.

    • jaeyoo Says:

      Evidence no.2! jacket cover his crotch.
      tsk tsk tsk..
      like what situkwokhan said.. the unleash of a raging beast..

      the victim could have contributed to it as well..
      i mean it isnt a case of.. RAPE where it is one sided and coercion plays a part.
      could have been mutual in this case..

      anyhow,EEE to both lah.

  6. Dylon Says:

    I don’t really know who to side in this situation, I mean, the woman might have over reacted a bit. And the guy might be really having a medical condition. Then again, its quite hard to find out exactly what happened and whether the incident had been altered by the media to put the guy in a bad light.

    I do agree with Jun, she should have moved away the instant that she felt something is wrong.

    At the end of the day, i just think that its just a wrong place at wrong time thing.

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